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Sometimes readers send me email. 
Hi Craig,
I do like your columns.  Stunned by the title of this column – mentioning Don Mattingly being  fired.  People I love and I know many others who lost their jobs due to the economy – so to entitle a column like this – I don’t want to see ANYONE lose their jobs LET ALONE mention it.  I wonder how Don Mattingly would feel if he saw that title to this article.  Even IF a manager is lousy and even IF I don’t like a baseball player I never WISH or think they should be fired.
Gosh how would you feel that that was written about you.
Take care,

UPDATE: I did not respond to Betty, but she did write back again just now. First she linked a story from another website which said that Don Mattingly is unlikely to be fired. Then she said:

This is a professional way to write – link above said Don Mattingly’s job is SAFE!!! and Ned Colleti’s job on hot seat – NOT – with the title: “So If the Dodgers win tonight, Don Mattingly will be fired”. How would YOU feel if someone wrote that YOU would be fired. It is NOT professional NOR kind to write that someone will be fired. That is HIS JOB!! his livliehood. Professionals like Jon Heyman, Ken Rosenthal, the NY sports colmnists do not write this way. I do not trust fly by night websites like Bleacher, or fansided – I stick with PROFESSIONALS like the above. They write with substances and facts.

Can’t please everyone I guess.

Craig Calcaterra

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