While this website has a lot of periodic long form stuff, my daily writing appears at my Substack newsletter, Cup of Coffee. It’s primarily a baseball newsletter, but has much, much more than baseball.

Cup of Coffee’s mission is to give you a quick, entertaining, and informative one-stop daily baseball briefing before you have your first cup of coffee, five days a week. Each newsletter  includes:

  • And That Happened: my venerable daily recap of the previous night’s games;
  • A digest of all the significant baseball news along with my commentary on it, putting all of that news into perspective and context; and
  • Other Stuff: bloggy thoughts on news, politics, culture, and anything else that I’m obsessing on these days.

Cup of Coffee provides the casual or obsessive baseball fan with everything they need to know without the need to comb a dozen sports sites. There are no popup ads or autoplay videos. There is no spin and propaganda, the sort of which you get from the league, from teams, or from sports media, most of which is beholden to the league and its teams. I’m a pain in the ass to those folks. They’ll tell you so.

Cup of Coffee is $6 a month or $65 a year. Which, depending on your tastes, isn’t much more than the price of an actual cup of coffee a month.

Subscribe now. You won’t regret it.