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Philip Derrow is back on his bullshit

Last August the New Albany, Ohio school board refused to impose a mask mandate. Given that my kids go to New Albany schools this, quite understandably, bugged me. I usually don’t attend school board meetings but upon reviewing the video of the most recent one, it became pretty clear that school board member Philip Derrow […]

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Urban Meyer: It’s time to own your R!

Three years ago my kids’ school system adopted a motivational philosophy known as “E + R = O.” It stands for “Events + Response = Outcomes.” It’s designed, essentially, to be a personal responsibility tool which says “we can control how things go based on our responses to external events.” The action item based on […]

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Social Media Accounts and Tweets of Philip Derrow from August 15, 2021

This post contains documentation of the information set forth in the article, “School Board Member Equates Masks with Holocaust” published on August 26, 2021.   Social Media Accounts of Philip Darrow Below is a comparison of the Facebook identity of Philip Derrow, which is confirmed as that of the New Albany, Ohio Board of Education […]

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