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Why Term Limits Suck

Over at Cup of Coffee the topic of legislative term limits came up. I wrote this in response. I’m reposting it here for posterity and wider availability.   Yesterday I said, in passing, that I oppose legislative term limits. A lot of people both in the comments and on social media asked me why. What […]

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Ron DeSantis is turning Florida into a fascist state

This was originally published in my Cup of Coffee Newsletter on February 2, 2023 In our current political age it’s easy to let the nearly daily outrages wash over us, but no matter how desensitized we may become, some things manage to stand out as truly odious, truly dangerous, and truly appalling. Such as what […]

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Philip Derrow is back on his bullshit

Last August the New Albany, Ohio school board refused to impose a mask mandate. Given that my kids go to New Albany schools this, quite understandably, bugged me. I usually don’t attend school board meetings but upon reviewing the video of the most recent one, it became pretty clear that school board member Philip Derrow […]

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