Craig Calcaterra is a writer based in New Albany, Ohio. ​He is the writer and editor of the daily baseball, news, and culture newsletter, Cup of Coffee, the book Rethinking Fandom: How to beat the Sports-Industrial Complex at its Own Game (Belt Publishing 2022), and the upcoming book Stars of Major League Baseball (Abbeville Press 2023).

Craig was a litigation attorney for 11 years, handling civil, criminal and sometimes political matters. In 2009 Craig upended his life in all the best ways to get out of the practice of law into writing about baseball when he became the lead national baseball writer for NBC Sports, where he launched and edited the baseball blog HardballTalk. He also wrote things for National Public Radio, Bloomberg News, MSNBC, Yahoo, Bleacher Report, Baseball Prospectus and The Hardball Times and made television appearances, on MLB Network, NBC Sports Network, NBC Nightly News, The BBC, ESPN and MSNBC. He is likewise a regular guest on talk radio and podcasts. Beyond baseball, Craig has written extensively about politics and culture.

Craig was the winner of the 2012 Joe Posnanski Award, honoring the top internet baseball writer of the year. In 2014, Craig was one of 24 writers selected out of 13,000 applicants to receive the inaugural Amtrak Writers Residency. He took his trip in June 2015 and wrote about it.

Craig lives in New Albany with his wife Allison and his son Carlo, and some cats. ​​His daughter Anna — who is way more famous than Craig — is off to college. You can reach Craig at or via Twitter, @craigcalcaterra