Generation Wha?

This chart from the Census Bureau seems off. It’s cool through Generation X – I’ve always seen that mid-60s through 1980 bracket to describe my fellow difficult Gen-Xers and me – but it seems to break down after that:

I always assumed there was a Gen-Y right after us until, I dunno, 1990 or something. Then the Millennials come in. Here they’re just globbed together. Which is something of a problem in that it puts both my girlfriend (1980) and my daughter (2003) in the same generational group. I may be a creepy old dude with a younger girlfriend, but I’m not that creepy.

Also, my son’s generation (2005) is the “Homeland Generation?” That sounds practically Nazi. Or certainly Orwellian. And my father’s generation is the “Silent Generation.” Have you MET my father? He’s a lot of things, but silent is not one of them.

Oh well, this is dumb. If you need me I’ll be off wearing flannel, lamenting the fact that my baby-bust friends and I have to support our goddamn Baby Boomer parents and thinking about how life would’ve been much better if I had just married Winona Ryder.

Craig Calcaterra

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