Trump’s Budget: A Cruel and Dishonest Con Job

Today Donald Trump will unveil the first comprehensive budget proposal of his presidency. The details have been leaked to the media already, however, and they reveal the most aggressive cuts to programs benefiting needy Americans in living memory:

  • Trump’s budget cuts Medicaid by 47%. Half of all Medicaid recipients are children.
  • Trump’s budget cuts The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly known as the Food Stamp Program, by 25%.
  • Trump’s budget cuts Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), a program run by states, which provides limited cash assistance to extremely low-income parents and their children, by 13%
  • Trump’s budget cuts funds dedicated to the National Institutes of Health, which leads our nation’s research into fighting disease, by nearly 20%

The budget demonstrates nothing short of unconscionable cruelty to the poor, slashing trillions from the social safety net while giving out the largest handouts to the rich and to big business in American history.

What’s more, the proposal is based on bald faced lies regarding how it will be paid for and the impact it will have on the national budget.

Trump recently proposed $5.5 trillion in tax cuts. The proposal excludes those entirely, hiding the fact that those cuts will take away a gigantic chunk of revenue. At the same time, the proposal assumes comically unrealistic economic growth created by those very same tax cuts. Given the idea that tax cuts to the wealthy will trickle down to benefit the rest of America in the form of economic growth has been thoroughly debunked, Trump’s budget proposal is doubly dishonest.

Thankfully, a president does not have the ability to unilaterally impose a budget and thankfully there will be people fighting hard against it. I have faith that those doing so will ultimately prevail because this budget does not reflect the values and principles of most Americans.

In the meantime, however, we must work to highlight how disastrous these proposals would be for the most vulnerable Americans. And how disastrous they will be to the country as a whole, over time, if they are implemented. We must demonstrate how cruel and heartless Trump’s budget is. And how cruel and heartless those who support it are.

Craig Calcaterra

Craig is the author of the daily baseball (and other things) newsletter, Cup of Coffee. He writes about other things at He lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, two kids, and many cats.