The Classics Never Go Out of Style

Someone punched Richard Spencer as he gave an interview after the Inauguration yesterday. Spencer is a white nationalist leader who has called for “ethnic cleansing” of non-whites and those without European background. He has advocated the forced sterilization of black people because he believes them to be evolutionarily inferior. He is in favor of the establishment of America as a “White Ethnostate.”

He is, in practice — and in the symbolism and ideology he espouses — a Nazi.

I favor non-violent means of protest and would never advocate a campaign of violent action unless it was absolutely necessary to protect the lives and safety of others or unless or until all other means of protest and resistance to tyranny have been exhausted. Moreover, if the man who punched Spencer here is identified, I am in favor of his prosecution for battery. Laws are laws. 

But just because I do not advocate violence does not mean that seeing a Nazi get punched in the face is in any way unenjoyable to me. The classics never go out of style:

Craig Calcaterra

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