Testing on a Mac

I am writing this on Allison’s Mac. Nothing wrong with my Dell. It’s just getting a little long in the tooth. In recent days it has sort of behaved like that old relative you have when you see them begin to circle the drain. They’re not sick. No diseases or anything. Just … something non-specific starts to buzz in the back of your head that something is off and you’re maybe beginning to see the beginning of the end.

Anyway, with great uncle Dell starting to falter a bit, I’m considering jumping in to Mac land. It makes some sense. I switched from a Droid to an iPhone and I like that. The kids both have iPod Touches. I like iTunes. I’m never going to be one of those people who drink the Kool-Aid and become a Mac evangelist, but there is something about my personality that likes uniformity.

Anyway, no reason for this other than to test the touch-and-feel of Allison’s Mac while writing a blog post. I’m cheating a bit by using my mouse instead of the complicated/everyone says it’s not complicated touch pad. But otherwise it’s OK so far.

Except there is no “end” key. I just realized in the past ten minutes that I use the “end” key a lot. I suppose I can get over that. And yes, I now know that “command”-right arrow works.

What’s with “command?” Sounds kind of fascist.  Oh well.

Craig Calcaterra

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