My daughter is going to rule the world

Anna has a single dad who is a borderline obsessive neat freak who does 50 loads of laundry a week and actually thinks that washing dishes is one of the great pleasures in life. As such, this bodes well for her future:

While mothers’ gender and work equality beliefs were key factors in predicting kids’ attitudes toward gender, the strongest predictor of daughters’ own professional ambitions was their fathers’ approach to household chores.

“This suggests girls grow up with broader career goals in households where domestic duties are shared more equitably by parents,” says psychology researcher and study author Alyssa Croft, a PhD Candidate in the University of British Columbia’s Department of Psychology. “How fathers treat their domestic duties appears to play a unique gatekeeper role.”

I mean, Anna may have ruled the world anyway, but based on this study it’s all but assured.

Craig Calcaterra

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