In 2008 I signed up to be a Maker’s Mark “Ambassador,” which is their customer loyalty program. Part of the deal is that they put your name on a plate on a barrel of aging bourbon. At the time my baseball blog was called “Shysterball” and I was blogging anonymously under the name “Shyster,” and for some reason I thought that’s what should be on the barrel. This is a photo of the plate from the Marker’s Mark website.

Maker’s Mark is good at keeping in touch with customers. They recently notified me, six years later, that my barrel has matured and I can now, if I choose, go down to Loretto, Kentucky and get a bottle of “my” bourbon. At some point soon I will answer the age-old question: “will a man will drive 272 miles for free whiskey with his name on it?” I feel like the answer to that question is “obviously.”

Oh, and life priorities in action: I have yet to change my address with the DMV or get a new license, yet I logged on to Maker’s Mark’s website to change my address with them this morning because they send free gifts to Ambassadors every Christmas and I didn’t want to miss out. I’ll get to the DMV eventually, I suppose.

Craig Calcaterra

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