I went to Wikipedia to look something up and there was a notification saying that one of my edits to another page had been removed. I have never edited a Wikipedia page, so this seemed odd to me. I looked. The page was about mallard ducks. I realized that it flagged me based on IP address, so the change could’ve come from anyone in my house. I looked at the edit which was removed. This was it.

Based on the cadence and certain typing tics, I am 99.9% sure that my 12-year-old daughter Anna wrote this. While vandalizing Wikipedia pages is probably not the BEST use of her time, I am not sure I have ever been more proud of her. This is simply art. 

Craig Calcaterra

Craig is the author of the daily baseball (and other things) newsletter, Cup of Coffee. He writes about other things at Craigcalcaterra.com. He lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, two kids, and many cats.

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