Free Tiffany!

As I’ve mentioned, I have a little studio in my basement. Each morning I spend  fifteen or twenty minutes down there taping the HBT Daily videos that get posted on the blog and various other places in NBC land.  The host is Tiffany Simons. She does her thing from the main studio in Connecticut. We hear each other via our little earpieces and see each other on video monitors. She sets up the segments and shoots me questions designed to make me look smart.

Everyone should have someone who does that for them, by the way. Not just about sports, but about life in general. Imagine if you were driving down the street and, rather than merely ranting when a jerk cuts you off, a pleasant young woman says “Craig: that guy who just cut you off looks like an asshole. Why don’t you tell all of us the ways in which you’re a better driver than he is.”

Wouldn’t that be great?

Anyway, Carlo is usually home when I go downstairs to tape. He has seen the studio equipment and he has seen the end product online, but he has never seen me actually tape a segment (which he thinks is TV). I didn’t think it really interested him much until tonight when we had this conversation:

Carlo: Did you do the TV thing today?

Me: Yep.

Carlo: Is that lady still living in our basement?

Nope. That’s not creepy at all. Not one bit.

Craig Calcaterra

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