17 novels a year

I became a full time writer in November 2009. According to WordPress, I’ve written 23,509 posts for NBC. I don’t know what the word count average is, but even if you estimate on the low side that’s somewhere between five million and ten million words. That’s the same amount of words as, like, 120 novels. They’d be really bad novels, of course, but writing 17 novels a year is a lot of writing, even if it’s bad.

In addition to that, I’ve written all of this personal stuff. Five hundred words there, a thousand words there. A few projects of 5,000 or 11,000 words. I’ve written over 132,000 tweets since 2009 as well. I post on Facebook. I live on my laptop.

As such, it was probably just a matter of time before I got carpal tunnel syndrome. I was diagnosed with it on Tuesday. They gave me this brace and some stretching exercises to do.

The weird part: it only really hurts when I stretch my arm out at full length to reach for things. It doesn’t hurt at all to have my hands on the keyboard typing. Indeed, that feels just like normal. 

Which means that, nah, I probably ain’t gonna get better. Here’s to 120 more bad novels. 

Craig Calcaterra

Craig is the author of the daily baseball (and other things) newsletter, Cup of Coffee. He writes about other things at Craigcalcaterra.com. He lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, two kids, and many cats.