Craig – I respect your opinion on the scotus decision today. I’m confused by your statement that it will make it more difficult and more expensive for women to get important health care. Can you explain that?

People with insurance get their medication and medical care through their insurance. Now employers are being told that they can carve out some of that – birth control and maybe a lot of other things in the future if they make a case for it – and the means by which women normally get these drugs and services will be closed off.

We can quibble about whether, theoretically, people should get their medication and health care via employer-based insurance in this fashion. Whether it’s efficient or right or whatever. But in the real world, that’s what people do. It’s the best and in many cases the only choice. Many of the people who sought to get today’s decision have also sought to foreclose other health care options too, it should be noted. 

What I’m on about is what happens, practically, in the real world. Not what we think the proper solution in an ideal world that does not even remotely exist would be. 

Craig Calcaterra

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