Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation is a Farce

Most people will watch the Brett Kavanaugh hearing today in order to see whether Christine Ford or Kavanaugh is more believable as they testify about the alleged sexual assault that has led us here. As they weigh the witnesses’ credibility, they should remember that they need not rely solely on the “he said, she said” aspects of all of this. 

Brett Kavanaugh’s boyhood friend, Mark Judge, was named by Christine Ford as an eye-witness to the alleged sexual assault. If what Kavanaugh and all of his supporters says is true, and that it did not happen, Mark Judge should be able to DESTROY Christine Ford’s testimony, corroborate Kavanaugh’s testimony and end this definitively. He should be able to say “yes, I read what Dr. Ford said about this, but it is simply untrue. This never happened.” It would constitute at least some — perhaps a lot of — corroboration for his denial. 

Instead, Judge literally went into hiding and the GOP is refusing to subpoena him. 

This is a farce. it is an instructive and illuminating farce, but the outcome is preordained. Republican Senators will listen to Christine Ford today, but they will not hesitate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh because they do not think that backing an attempted rapist is as bad as not getting their first choice confirmed to the Supreme Court before Election Day.

Craig Calcaterra

Craig is the author of the daily baseball (and other things) newsletter, Cup of Coffee. He writes about other things at He lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, two kids, and many cats.