Road trips are always bad for me, food wise. Especially baseball trips. It’s impossible to eat well in a ballpark. That’s true even if you stay away from the concession food and stick to the media spread. You can find salads there on occasion, but it’s often hot dogs, big sandwiches, chicken parm and things like that.

I left the ballpark today and went to the Whole Foods here in Tempe. Their prepared foods section has a million great things. Fresh veggies, grilled meats, lentils, quinoa and that sort of thing. They have combos where you can get a grilled meat like salmon or chicken or a tofu entree with two sides for $8-10. It’s a full, healthy meal for just a bit more than the price of a fast food combo and way cheaper than a reasonably OK sit down dinner someplace.

I got grilled salmon, quinoa tabbouleh and an asparagus/mushroom/red pepper mixup and ate it in the little cafe. As I left I picked up almonds, apples, bananas and greek yogurt to take back to the hotel with me and to pack in my bag each day when I head out to the ballpark. I figure I can find reasonably healthy breakfasts out, get through the day while eating the stuff I bought and then go by Whole Foods for a different dinner most nights I’m here.

I’m probably gonna allow myself one blow out at In-N-Out Burger when Allison gets here this weekend because, you know, tradition. And I may hoist a few pints with friends along the way too.  But beyond that I’m determined to keep up the good progress I’ve made in cutting out bullshit food, carbs and sweets for the past two weeks.

Craig Calcaterra

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