Fairly typical of most conversations Aaron and I have during the blogging day

Aaron: hey, so wednesday im getting a new AC/furnace put in. might be awol at various points, but hopefully not a ton
me: That’s ok. Sorry — I’m going to be AWOL here for a few minutes now. Cat issues.


me: This has been a sub-optimal morning.
But I am back now.
Aaron: is the cat still alive?
me: Yes. But only because I didn’t kill it. Yet.
Aaron: heh
me: Cat started ripping up carpet. I let cat out onto back patio which we have secured with chicken wire for these purposes (they are not outdoor cats). Cat almost killed a baby bird. Fine, cats being cats. I step in to rescue baby bird because, damn, it’s a BABY BIRD. Cat freaks out when I intervene, tries to bite me. I shoo her away, she finds a way under the chicken wire and then runs away. I hire the kids as a search party and we comb the neighborhood. I find the cat climbing under the fence to my neighbor’s patio, which she probably thinks is ours. Their patio gate is locked so I spend the next 20 minutes trying to coax the cat out. Finally success. When we get back in I realize that the kids are 20 minutes late for some pool date with friends so I have to make them lunches, pack their asses up and drop them off. Now I’m home. WORKING FROM HOME IS THE BEST.
Aaron: kinda hoping it was a planned escape, starting with the carpet ripping. Also, birds should be able to fight better
me: I know. They used to be dinosaurs for crying out loud. Now a ten month old kitty with no front claws is wrecking their shit.
Aaron: yeah, really
me: Dumb birds
Aaron: i put that chicken wire in when i had a dog and rabbits would constantly squeeze through at which point they were basically in a mad max style setup with a stupid dog
me: Is your dog named MasterBlaster? Hope so.
Aaron: thats pretty solid name. im thinking of getting another dog finally and am having a very hard time talking myself out of going with some sort of ironic/cutesy/reference-y name
me: If Nick Swisher hasn’t already named his bat MasterBlaster (10-1 odds he has) you can have that one.
Aaron: heh

Craig Calcaterra

Craig is the author of the daily baseball (and other things) newsletter, Cup of Coffee. He writes about other things at Craigcalcaterra.com. He lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, two kids, and many cats.

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